Breaking the ice

Just like any other enthusiastic engineering aspirant, I was quite excited about the fact that I had been selected in an institute of national repute. Standing at the crossroads of my life, I was extremely confident about my decision of choosing NIT Rourkela as my school of undergraduate study. This decision was not flawed, and I learnt that the institute had a lot to offer to me, not just in the realms of theoretical knowledge, but also in other, more practical, spheres. As a learner today and a to-be innovator tomorrow, a student is expected to not only excel in academic enterprises but also to flourish in co-curricular activities, especially those that sharpen their engineering skills and make them engineers in the truest sense. And to this purpose, the institute organizes the annual techno-management festival, INNOVISION – a fest for the technocrats and the gadget freaks, the scientists and the engineers.

Innovision is an event that has grown exponentially in the years since its inception. A conglomeration of innovative ideas and their breathtaking execution, it serves as a platform for bright minds to present and discuss their thoughts, and take them on to the next level, to a step closer to reality. Over the years, it has been graced by the presence of various pioneers of the industry, whose guidance and helpful advice have led many on the path to realize their dreams. Taking the core ideology of an innovative vision as its aim, the team this year has embarked upon a journey to learn, grow and expand its reach.

Starting from the honchos of the industry, who include our notable alumni and other active contributors, to those thirsty brains who await a sip of opportunity, team Innovision has taken upon the responsibility to bring out the best of the advances in science for the world to see. Though the game is not easy, its essence lies in losing, reviving and finally emerging with success.

Come, join us, pool in your brains with ours, and together, we shall reach new levels.



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