The Quest to Conquer


The ancients believed that it is Man’s moral responsibility, to complete the task bestowed upon him, better than anyone else could. Who are we to challenge this notion?

Are you reading this carefully? If not, I advise you to.

The delicate intricacies of the human brain have always deeply fascinated me. On many levels, it can be visualized as a computer’s motherboard, and the various traits we possess are it’s components. While some are peripherals that have been added on, there are others that have been hard wired into us, since the time we were born.

Change is constant. Change is tangible. Change is terrible. Change is awe-inducing. And it is this change, that necessitates our movement from a state of unconcerned rest to one of frenzied motion, and spurs us on to do things that we wouldn’t have done otherwise.

I believe it is this change and the competitiveness that has been hard-wired into us, that are the main reasons behind our constant, ever-thirsty urge to innovate. Why else would we come out of our comfort zone? I am confident that the majority of the people are still reading this, because I mentioned that you have to be one of the elite few to comprehend this. Competition is so heavily ingrained inside us, that most times, we don’t even realize it.

The sweet smell of victory. The despair of a loss. Ascend to a win. Fall to defeat. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out the kind of emotions that the human brain conjures up on hearing these lines, and which side you want to be on, when the final bell rings.

Of course, it does not mean that I am against competition. Against innovation. It is this very innovation, that has been the secret of our survival for millenniums, and I believe it is the moral responsibility of every citizen of the world, to contribute to this and for mankind to grow.

Come November the 4th, grab your chance to innovate. To make a difference.

Rise above the rest.

-Prince of Persia.


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