Placeholder ImageAs you forge ahead, the situation gets harder.
The lustful wills writhing inside stretch their hands out, holding you back.
The gluttonous desires simmering just beneath the surface embolden.
Waiting for slightest hesitation, the minuscule doubt.
You walk through to the end. Fighting every one of them.
They rush forward with disbelief, their eyes mournful, yet in them a sense of veneration for what you have accomplished.

But if you clamber past it, even if a single breath is out of place, you learn to endure. Or you don’t.
And that makes all the difference in the world.
Either you learn to keep dignity and honour where it is due and defy your defeat the next time you attempt. Or you let your whole world crumble.
Don’t you see what leads to success? Not being the most intelligent. Not being the most diligent. But being the most responsive. Look up to your defeats. Hold on to them till they trickle away to be replaced with victory.
Because who on earth has ever succeeded without a defeat?
You will never hear the end of this saying but isn’t it worth the message it gives so out rightly-“Try-Because opportunities are infinite.”

So this year, try at Innovision 2016, Take Charge.
Endorse your failures.
Then, win over everyone.

-Vile Lady


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