The Game of Thrones


From Starks to Dornes, Tyrells to Lannisters, from the ghostly Nightwalkers to deadly Dragons, the Game of Thrones has not only successfully managed to grab attention of millions of television viewers around the globe but has also become an integral part of nearly every engineer’s life! Ever wondered why? While it is extremely rare that we realize an ad verbatim and bring “Learn from it” into action, this special series has, by far, affected people largely, knowingly or unknowingly, and hence, has carved out a special niche for itself in their hearts!

The way Daenerys Targaryen, just after ending up in a new place with absolutely nothing but extremely ambitious dreams, uses her iron-strong determination to win her rightful place back, the same way we shall reach out to the zenith of our Horizons and claim what was rightfully Ours.

Engineers begin to work from the scratch to build up the whole kingdom of dreams which the world acknowledges as a technical development, but is in fact a reality beyond the commoner’s vision which they always wished to materialize! Even though countless number of assignments and endless theories of multiple subjects attack them from all the sides, Engineers always find a way out of the cul-de-saac.

Like the Starks, they know how to bounce back to stand firm on their own feet and just like the Knight of Vale, the toppers – a coveted section of people – are always there for some last minute help. An engineer can also become a beast with the brains just like the Lannisters and ruthlessly destroy any hindrance that comes on their way to success. These qualities and many more makes an ‘Engineer’ a separate breed of men who dare to dream the impossible, who are industrious and determined to achieve the same, who constantly believe in innovating and developing, who not only turns dreams into reality but also goes a step ahead to make life easier for the mankind by releasing them from the bonds of possibilities.

So, this INNOVISION, Level Up and sail to the East and join us in this game of evolution and innovation because your support is essential to sail across the sea of uncertainties and achieve the goals we have set out for.


-Jacob Frye

Pic Courtesy : Game of Thrones HBO, Season 5


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