The Light Through The Darkness


On a fork he stood, wondering which one of the roads he should tread on. Little did he know that labeling the roads as good and evil was the biggest mistake he had ever made.

There is no clear definition as to what is good and what is evil. A deed done cannot be judged and put into categories of good and evil. There cannot be a world of truth without lies. There is no trust without betrayal. There is no love without hatred.

The worlds of good and evil cannot be separated. The stars shine the brightest when the night is the darkest. After a stroll through the dark woods, even a faint ray of light gives us immense hope.

The way we see things matters the most. It is how we perceive that makes all the difference. We always see the things as we want to see them rather than as they are. The situation life puts us in makes us heroes or villains. Moral and immoral, ethical and unethical are not the opposite ends of the spectrum of good and evil. There is a very thin fine line between darkness and light. In the end it is not always the moral and ethical values that win, but what matters the most is how much the person has contributed to the world as a whole by choosing whatever path he wishes to follow.

Can we not just not think about the outcomes of travelling on a path that we apparently named as good and evil? Can we not just flow like the river, slipping through the hurdles, caressing the grasses, enjoying every twist and turn ? Can we not just follow our heart and travel in whichever path appeals to us?

In every angel a demon hides and in every demon an angel strides. Be the angel you are. Fight your demons. Live your life fighting your inner conscience, trying to convince it to follow your heart.

This Innovision let your heart speak. Let the darkness and light in your life merge into one. Come. Join us in our little attempt to bring closer the worlds of good and evil. Level up and follow your heart.

– Katniss





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