The Doomsday


A fateful day.

For kilometres, all one could see was smoke. The aftermath of the disaster was no lives. All one could see was bodies. From the pile of bodies rose a kid, drenched in blood. He had a gun in his hand and he shouted loudly, “Viva La Vida”. He did say that, only to see the taste of aluminium and ash in his mouth.  This planet had its fate set for today. The boy may be one who lived, but he had no one to himself. But how long could he survive alone?  Who would listen to him when he speaks, when he cries, when he laughs? So much emotions to show and yet no one there to show them to.

In a galaxy far far away, there was a planet called Earth. There lived many species peacefully and in harmony until a species called “Homo Sapiens”. Since time immemorial man had always been curious about the future. Man feared the future. He always tried to secure his future in all ways possible. One of the greatest gifts, man ever had, was the power to think and analyse. He put this power to use in a very meticulous way. He discovered ways to make his stay on this planet easier. He wanted to know more. He was curious about the hidden treasures and dark secrets. He went on chasing them. The thirst for knowledge never died. We became too self aware, too self conscious and with time, we evolved to protect ourselves.  And then one fine day, a sudden urge to overpower his fellow members the species brought in him the greed for knowledge. Now he did not work to satisfy his thirst. He worked hard to become the only one surviving.

Man feared the future enemy to such an extent that unknowingly he dug his own grave. He started with an intention to make lives easier and safer, but it turned out to be a threat to mankind. The curiosity of man to explore more made him discover the dark magic of weapons of mass destruction.  Atom bombs, nuclear weapons, biochemical and other weapons of mass destruction paved the way for the some near doomsday. We are on the verge of destroying ourselves while we kill animals, trees and keep those weapons with us.

In an alternate universe, we have killed ourselves already. ‘The boy who lived’ will also die soon. The question is should we have the same fate as that of our alternate planet? Are we ready to see darkness everywhere?  Or it’s time man realised his days are numbered with the way he’s living?

Maybe we are matured enough for everything. Maybe all this is part of a game. Maybe we are playing one every day. The question is that, here in game of life we are dealing with lives of thousands, so should we play like we play in all those games like “Doom”.

While you play in an alternate virtual world every day, it’s important to make the life of game better. This Innovision, let the real and virtual worlds merge into one.



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