The Holy Run


He ran harder and harder, till he could hardly catch his breath. His heart pounded with every step he took, beads of sweat running down his forehead, reaching his neck but he had no time to wipe them away. ’It’ was after him.

If he didn’t run now, then never. The narrow roads and unending obstacles did little to make his run easier. Also he could not miss out the jewels he came across in that exotic place. He may not get to run on the same roads ever again. How could he reach his destination empty handed!

‘It’ closed in on him. He could feel its malicious presence just behind him. It was too late now; his little steps won’t help him anymore. Just when he thought that he was going to end up inside its jaws, he saw a gas balloon tied to the cliff. In a matter of one second, he jumped into its basket and off he vanished into the clouds. ‘It’ couldn’t fly after all.

Just then he felt something on his face, something constantly beating on his cheeks. Confused, he turned his body away..

“Thud”, Alex fell to the ground, opened his eyes and found himself at the foot of the bed, as his mom paced away from the room irritated.

“It was a just a dream, an adventurous dream, something that was so real and yet so unreal”, he thought. Playing Temple Run for 2 days straight in his new android set had shown its aftermath.

What if  these games were part of our daily life?
They wouldn’t be just games anymore! They would be a feat to achieve survival. What if we could not Respawn in that real life game?

Here is a chance to experience living inside a game. This INNOVISION, unleash the gamer inside you.

-gone girl



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