The Very Essence of It


Every post, every blog about Innovision 2016 has been about its running theme, has been about bringing together innovative minds, or taking technology to a greater level by contributing a little, each. But there is another aspect to it, something that you and I, all connect to, irrespective of practically everything.

This is that time of the year when the entire student community comes together, from within as well as off campus, to spend a weekend stuffed with events, each one more interesting than the last, and garnished with fun, each hour more memorable than the last.

This is that time of the year when even the quietest boy of the batch comes out of his room, to look at all the buzz going around, when the streets of NIT Rourkela get filled with clusters of people, making it look like an Annual Fair.

It is that time of the year, when new friend requests pile up on Facebook, or all those handsome dresses that you bought on the lime road, come out of their packages; when the pockets go empty for happy meals and sleep goes away to rest because the festivities last all night.

With the multitude of events, and a refreshed, and better-appealing theme each year, every student looks forward to this refuge, from the daily monotone of classes and labs, to exercise their prowess in a variety of arenas, to learn something new.

This Innovision will transfer each one of you into a parallel universe that would be existing right inside this campus, with the concept of one huge game to encompass them all. Inside this universe will you enjoy, learn and be the very essence of the it. Inside this universe will you meet your old friends, make new ones, share your stories; stories that the mouths can’t say fast enough, listen to new ones; ones that the ears won’t be big enough to listen to. And, inside this one universe, will you be reunited.




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