The search for the Velvet Assassin


There she was lying in a hospital bed, morphine syringes scattered across. Her mind was in a raging storm. Dreaming at a state beyond reality, hiding in the shadows. Who is she? What is she up to?

An active girl working in a beauty salon. It wasn’t long ago that she joined the weapon industry post the outbreak of war in London. Beautiful, athletic and having attention to detail she was recruited into SIS during Britain’s darkest hours. She has carried out several missions successfully before being gravely wounded by a sniper on a mission to kill Kamm, a Nazi military intelligence officer. 

She is now in a coma in a hospital in France, reliving key moments in a series of flashbacks. Whether it is blowing up a fuel depot or assassination of a colonel, she is the person for the job. She operates in silence, hiding and moving through the city sewers and completing each and every mission. Her location betrayed, she wakes from her coma to find the enemy troops entering the hospital. Escaping them, she finds the villagers being murdered or rounded up by a force from the Dirlewanger Brigade, a brutal SS unit of convicts, and taken to the church. Locking the villagers in, the soldiers set fire to the church. She is unsuccessful at trying to free the villagers, and due to emotional and physical exhaustion, collapses. The enemy leader is shown to be Kamm, whose face was burned by her assassination attempt.

Does this story bring back any memories to you?

All of this!

Does it remind you of someone?

Is it that beautiful and daring girl from the video game that you once played?

Is it her that used to keep you occupied most of the evenings after school?

Is she the one running around in your mind this very moment trying to finish one of her missions as she usually does?

Yes, Violette Summer!

It has to be her! That girl from that awesome game you once played. She was that person, the one many young girls dream to become.

Daring, dashing and fearless!!

If given a chance would you go back to those days?

Would you become Violette?

Would you help her complete her mission?

I’m pretty sure that’s something that everyone who has ever played Velvet Assassins would love to do!

This Innovision, join us as we try to bring back Violette and more of such amazing games and stories that became such an intricate part of our childhood that we still doubt if it was just a game.

Join us, as we play our way through the many video games and stories that kept us going and still does.

Join us as we make the virtual world a reality!

Its game time!

Get your joysticks and gaming consoles!

This is one big game! Probably the biggest one ever!

Ready! Set! Play!



Content and Picture Credits: Velvet Assassin’s video game
– Scarlette


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