De novo here. The season to indulge in mindless festivities and rejoice in age old rituals. The time of the year to welcome the resplendent Goddess amidst a frenzy of mesmerizing sights, hypnotic beats and blinking lights. Beneath all this sham of festivities that changes every year in one way or the other, the saga that marks its essence has made its foundation stronger than ever. The archaic tale of positive forces against evil.

Spare it a thought. Isn’t this lesson applicable just everywhere? On ourselves most of all. Our light against our demons. What we let prevail within us is who we are.

Choice- the thing we have to ourselves. We choose to give up or bounce back.

W e choose to comprehend the universe or dive into the swirls unseen.

We choose to look at the tiny speckles of light or the vast unending darkness.

Since Forever, Maa Durga, astride her lion, embodies the victory of hope, of goodness. She beacons us towards the light.

So this Puja infuse yourselves with the spirit of the Goddess.  Don’t let your demons obstruct your stride towards winning.

Let traditions pave way for Innovation.

Pick a path.

Allow your desire to learn empower your fear of failing.

Forgo everything that weighs you down.

Initiate at Innovision.

Ignite a spark with your ideas.

Revel in the brilliance of your innovation.

Innovate at Innovision.

– The Vile Lady



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