Delphic Virtuality


You were in direct line with a Gargantua and its enormous force was pulling you in. What you were about to see is something of supreme importance. There are concepts which we don’t know and concepts which don’t believe yet. While you were going in, contemplating about the future, all around you seem to move at a faster pace. Things now weren’t making any sense to you. Deeper you went; sweat on your forehead could tell a thousand words. So you close your eyes.

Left hand on W, A, S, D while right hand on the mouse, you shouted loudly while shooting with LMB and reloading with RMB, but ‘WASTED’ was displayed on the screen. A shout of frustration and your character was in front of hospital and you raced the car in the pink circle to start the mission again. While the cut scene played, and you munched some chips, your world seemed to tremble. Your keyboard was moving, while your chair also moved; you were beginning to realize this was a quake while you pulled off your earphones. The mission was about to start but this had to happen now? The seismic waves grew more as things begin falling and your house roof fell on you. You woke up with a shock. It was all too bright. Accustoming to the surrounding, you were beginning to realize that you had stopped; you started to figure out where you are now. Where could have the gargantua brought you to? There was a gun on the ground, and you were in a vest. “Oh sweet Lord!” you exclaimed. You were CJ and you had to do the same mission you were dreaming about. This time it wasn’t a keyboard you were operating. Feeling the gun clips in your pocket, you picked up the SMG and you knew what you had to do. This time while feeling the fear of dying, you walked in sidelines. You didn’t open fire. Few minutes and few buckets of blood later, you had completed the mission.

San Andreas theme song was playing. You were happy. But it grew louder and louder. And with muffles of someone saying, “Time to go.” Confused, all was going hazy. The iconic San Andreas song playing in your earphones, you were in the train. Your mom said, “It’s time to go. Wake up.” Off you stood up while thinking what if I was CJ. What if I was Trevor or Michael or Franklin? How good it will feel to break laws and just roam around beaches freely?

Two nights ago, before you went to relatives, you had played the mission. You got ‘wasted’ seven times. It was because you went thinking you were a veteran, no one could kill you. But you were wrong every time. When you let the game come alive, you realized a different way out. To fire carefully and when required.

While the keyboards may have grown old and Virtual Reality has taken us to new level, we live and breathe games. Some so close to heart, that dreams are made of them while some so close that people play for hours altogether. Determination has kept them glued for so long. What are you waiting for?

Want to live the game?

Want to be part of video game themed fest?

Come to Innovision 2016 and you won’t ever regret it.

Let’s level up soon because the game will be on in less than three weeks

– Gordon Freeman


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