Dust had settled down and all one could look for miles were deserted roads, empty stadiums, hollow hearts and the desire to see more. It was a chilly December night and one of the students sat on one of the ramps of top floor of ‘the yet to be constructed’ Golden Jubilee building of NITR. With legs swinging in the open air, thoughts in the mind, he was just observing. The silences. The sound of steel being smashed. The sound of birds chirping. Yet the silences.

The posters were lying on the floor, the flexes in the corner, and other papers on the table. There ran somebody, there came a shout, there was a whisper, there were ambiguous ways of expressing emotions. The rush of ticking time and pressure of more work over the course of few last days. His eyes were blurry and things started to get black suddenly, before a hand waved, and tapped his shoulder and shouted, “Send someone to SAC. Now.” It all came in slow Mo as the world around him tumbled but yet he rumbled. “I’ll arrange the candles to light the lamp.” With the director and dean, lamp being lighted, and Mr B.K Mishra sharing his views on the future, and Smt Padmini Dora’s sambalpuri, he sat in third row in a contemplative mood.

“Go to SAC. Now.”  blurted in his ears as the hazy things begin to make sense, “Bring the candles to light the lamp” Lamp being lighted,Varun Agarwal saying about his journey from a failing engineering student to a millionaire and Padmashree awardee Ranjana Gauhar and her cohorts presenting their graceful dance, he sat in somewhere in middle rows in a dizzy mood. Everybody was walking out of BB Auditorium. He realised it was over as he got up to go. Someone said him about the flash mob and off he went. Innovision 2014 had opened up with a bang. Off everyone went to rooms happy with the flash mob, he went to SAC, while some events needed their requirements still to be sorted out. He wanted to sleep and at same time he wanted to see this fest turn out big. But he couldn’t rest, could he?

Somehow he survived with Maggi of night canteen and few hours of dozing. The new day had begun. As he stood on the road, there were people everywhere, some registering while some looking for events. He was excited to do things, win prizes, but could he? Off the phone rang, as someone called for volunteering an event. While he went off, the institute got engulfed in Death Race 3.0, Tread O Quest, Aqua Soccer and Cosmos 3D. Little he knew, about the friends who had come from other colleges to meet him. Some even called. He gave excuses and arguments so fluently but he never was a part of 4th edition of Parliamentary Debate being organised few metres away. The life got limited between SAC, and event venue. Chewing the cold puris of Rengcol, he wished if only he had been here earlier for the hot samosas. Somehow the evening settled on him as the Institute geared up for DJ Nite. This was the place where he found himself again. Getting hands up in the air, moving the legs and dancing the dance of now and later because maybe the time may come again or not. Today, he slept few hours but it was the sleep he didn’t want to wake up from. Neither did the participants as the Innovision was coming to an end, people were exhausted. The wintry morning grew into afternoon as people were enthusiastic yet again because who would miss PCB designing, Intelligent trader, iCell Robotix and quizzes of business and general genre. As the dusk settled, and mementos and certificates were distributed, some started returning to hostels, some to homes and some still laughed and hung around on the road for the night was still not over. He saw the chaos come to a halt as everything turned out right at the end with some hiccups obviously.

 “Nothing could be anywhere near to perfect.”, he said to himself as he walked back to his hostel. But he still smiled. He knew in some way or the other he helped and that itself brought an immense joy to this tired soul of volunteer. He giggled with some of his friends late into night and some joke crackled him up. The laughs grew louder on his ears, as he opened his eyes, he could see a lot of people around him. Oh, good old days. It wasn’t his friends laughing at the of Innovision 2014 but it was the whole crowd laughing. It was Innovision 2015 where EIC’s Sourabh Pant and Sapan Verma were in front of him. “Dayum. That was unusual.” With people laughing nothing could probably go wrong. He was happy of the whole team. What a fest it had been!

A shot was fired and crowd erupted into clouds of fear as people started panicking and running. He couldn’t grasp as his hand got pulled in, his leg stumbled, and he started to sink in. “Hey. I can’t breathe. “and someone’s shoe came over his face and he almost shouted with a sore throat, “Help me” and last people walking out of BB Auditorium were astonished. It took a moment for him to realise what had just happened. “Dayum. One hell of a dream.”

Innovision 2015 had started and people had come in great numbers. The work doesn’t end with people coming in, it actually starts then. One has to manage. And so far, his dream had shackled him to core. Perhaps playing those mysterious games had left him with ‘more than required’ vivid imagination. 2014 repeated itself with Flash Mob yet again. “This would be so great”, as everybody got excited for the fest to begin with its events the next day, for they had to take their car again on the fire in Death Race 4.0. For the treading had to be done again in the quest. “I like markets so much” as they got into Market O Mania. While some chose to limit themselves to workshops, learning new things as some enjoyed the fun events. Hovercraft was built in Hoveron while adventurous treasure hunts were held by different clubs. ASME’s SLDC had its own way of attracting crowds and as the dusk settled, EDM night had its own way to make people dance. Remembering the wild dance of 2014, he knew what he had to do. Dance again of all time, because who knows when again? Back to SAC, all were getting prepared for one final day.

The last day always brings an unusual feeling of nostalgia of ending fest and joy of getting rest finally. This showed a cryptic way of people dissolving in the atmosphere set up. As 2k14, it started on a slow note again and people again flocked in numbers towards the noon for Mystery Trail, Magnetic powered car, energy quiz and logo maestro of SLDC. Dressed in their best attire, all were ready for one final night. DJ Rhea left no stones unturned in doing so. He smiled as he realised something beautiful had happened. But fears, do they leave us?

The East India Comedy came late, but then the way they made everyone laugh, is what mattered at the end. The show ended. It was like he waited for something to happen but then fate has its own way of rewarding you. Some good things deserve a good end. With Joz, Hex flooded with hundreds of people, Innovision 2k15 had finally ended. It was a journey he undertook a long time ago. It all started years ago, when he thought to do something for the college.

He was confused but some things made quite sense that way. The less you think about the fuss, the more you think about the crux, the things that matter. Putting aside the delays and minor errors, he knew his team had done it. He lied down on the bed and thought how the game of life played out in Innovision with all good things. with climaxes, with the end that everyone wanted. He closed his eyes.

He stumbled and almost fell down when he opened his eyes to grip his hands and sit properly, again as the institute was plunged in subtle darkness with few lights here and there. “Oh, those days.” There was a certain love in all the chaos. There was attachment with all the turmoil going on. There’s a pleasure in all that Innovision had to offer. He missed those days. But the question that revolves in every mind, while you read this, who was he?

He is no one.

He is the spirit of Innovision.

In each and every one of us.

From that volunteer to the organiser.

He is the one who works.

The spirit of Innovision still sits on the top of that building watching over the campus.

He misses it.

He wants to relive it.

Not pause but to play. And repeat.

And his love of games had its own way of saying things, to be a part of the big game.

Innovision 2016.

He wants to level up.

He is ready.

Are you?

The blithe delicacy of NITR, Innovision awaits you. The one fest you all have related yourself to. Being a part of a technical institution, come a part of this technical festival.

-Gordon Freeman


Monday Morning for photo and articles.

Prince of Persia for special inputs.


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